One trait that every successful person has


There’s one thing that separates very successful people from the rest. This trait is rarely discussed but I think it makes all the difference.

First of all, let’s take a look at all the people who had very moderate success so far (or no success at all). Ask them why they were not as successful as they could have been? I can bet that in 99% of cases the reason for their lack of success is going to be somewhere outside. They always blame somebody or something else for what happened to them.

– Got a shitty job?

= Because market is bad!

– Not being promoted?

= Because my boss is an asshole.

– Failed on your mortgage?

= Because the economy went down.

There’s always something.

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Where people are migrating around the world, in one incredible graphic


Estimating the true number of migrants that move around the world each year is a difficult task — some people cross borders illegally, and different countries’ recording and enforcement standards vary. As a result, data on international migration is often incomplete. The U.S. may note an increase in foreign-born people across two time periods, for example, but other countries have no parallel record of them leaving.

Appeared in The Washington Post | See the graphic in high resolution | See an in-depth look of this data.

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An interesting World Clock

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Some Aviation Facts

  • It may comfort you to know 95.7 percent of people involved in plane crashes survive.
  • Two million passengers in the U.S. board more than 30,000 flights every day.
  • The oldest airline still operating under the same name is Dutch airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
  • The BD-5 Micro is the world's smallest jet aircraft. It has a wingspan of 14 to 21 ft. and weighs 358 lbs. Only 100 were made, but many variants still fly today; one famously appeared in the Bond film Octopussy.
  • One of the largest military aircraft, the C-5 stands six stories tall. Its length of 143 feet is longer than the Wright Brothers' first flight of 120 ft.
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Airbus A380: Facts

Airbus A380

Airbus A380: 15 Interesting Facts

The first fact about A380 will surprise you. Many believe that A380 is the largest plane in the world. It is not! There is one more airplane called Antonov An-225, it is larger than A380. It is russian-made aircraft and built for cargo transportation only.

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